NameMyer SALAMAN 1301,1311,307
BirthBET. 1835 - 1836, London, Middlesex, England1312
*New [OCCU]1881, Merchant1312
*New [OCCU]1965, Feather Merchant1314
Birth1844, London, Middlesex, England1312
FatherJosiah SOLOMON (1811-1858)
MotherBella HART (~1815-1906)
Marriage20 Apr 1863, 38 Finsbury St., London1315
ChildrenJosiah Myer (1864-1865)
 Jennie (1865-1921)
 Isabelle Juliet (1866-1944)
 Isaac Clement (1868-1935)
 Ethel Phoebe (1869-1910)
 Elkin Josiah (1870-1919)
 Euston Abraham (1871-)
 Bessie (1873-)
 Louise (1876-)
 Henry Barnett (1877-1901)
 Michel Hewitt (1879-)
 Dorothy (1881-)
 Brenda Zara (1883-)
Notes for Myer SALAMAN
The ostrich feather trade, which made the Salaman family rich in the nineteenth century, had offices in Paris, New York, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town by the end of the century. Young men from both families took off to make their fortunes in Australia and New Zealand from the 1830s onwards and settled there.

"Relations" by Jane Miller
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